Trunau is a small city in the Hold of Belkzen, and is where the Giantslayer campaign opens.

It is home to Gelabrous Finn and Gormlaith Kall.

MUCH more information on Trunau here:


Regional map showing Hold of Belkzen. Trunau is at the bottom.


Map of Trunau. Locations:

  1. Main Gate
  2. Barterstones
  3. Hopespring
  4. That ’n’ Such
  5. Ramblehouse
  6. Clamour
  7. Sanctuary
  8. Inner Gate
  9. The Killin’ Ground
  10. High Gate
  11. Countinghouse
  12. Harrowtract Hall
  13. Stonebearer Hall
  14. Steelskin Hall
  15. Ironworks
  16. Blackhammer Hall
  17. Amberfire Hall
  18. Commons
  19. Ivory Hall
  20. Flame of the Fallen
  21. Longhouse
  22. Plague House

B. Beacons