Sir Willimet Keswick is a 9th-level male halfling cavalier/paladin, played by Joe O'Brien. Rides a magical giant wolf named Lexington.

History[edit | edit source]

Sir Willimet Keswick, adopted son of Emmett Keswick, Earl of Highbury, is a Cavalier/Paladin of Iomedae who also pays homage to Shelyn, goddess of beauty. His adopted family also includes his brother Frederick. The Keswicks adopted Will when they discovered him as a baby in the remains of his village. It had been wiped out by a dragon and they took him in as their own.

Being adopted and not the eldest, Willimet was not able to inherit the title of his father and began training in the knightly arts: sword, shield, lance, and cavalry martial arts.

Willimet wields a lance, a magical sword named "Roselight," and a magical shield his mother gave him. Currently he wears Uskroth's Armor, gifted to him by Barron Ashpeak.

Sir Willimet traveled to the Worldwound and joined a crusade to fight demons. Lexington is Joe's third animal, though his first mount, and so far seems to having the best luck so far, as the others have all died horribly. This could be due to Lexington's powerful magic, which has so far evaded all of Troy's attempts to kill it.

Though he fought demons Sir Will was never involved in any major battles, and was soon "loaned" to the Knights of Ozem, who then promptly "loaned" him to the town of Trunau. Not because he lacked skill, but some find his attempt to make up for his short stature with a big personality off-putting.

Trunau's Watch Commander, Jagrin Grath loaned his services to Barron Redheart's quest after Lorc left. Sir Will then traveled with the party to the tomb of Nargrym Steelhand. There he helped cleanse it of the taint, and was crucial in convincing Umlo Nargrymkin to join the party.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a Paladin, Will is able to wield divine power, including Detect Evil, Smite Evil, and Lay on Hands (these powers are currently diminished). As a Cavalier, he is able to ride Lexington into charge attacks even with his heavy armor in ride by attacks. His shield, named Sofia, has the fortification ability which helps him evade critical and sneak attacks. Uskroth's Armour allows him to grow to human size once a day for a short time.

Character Sheets[edit | edit source]

Level 9:

Level 7:

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