Patrol Captain Rodrik Grath (Human Male) (DECEASED) - Older fraternal twin brother of Kurst, son of Jagrin, local celebrity known for his beautiful poetry, very charismatic and well liked.

Former Patrol Captain of Trunau, Rodrik was a popular and well liked figure in town. Author of "The Other Side of Contempt" he cause a considerable amount of controversy with his liberal views on half-orcs. Nowhere was this more true than with his father after Rodrik became betrothed to Brinya Kelver, a half-orc woman of Trunau.

Rodrik was killed the night of Ruby's name day ceremony by a blond haired half-orc in the employ of the Twisted Heart Chief Grenseldek. Rodrik had noticed oddities about town and began an investigation that brought him close to discovering the blond haired orcs plans.

After his death his dedication to Trunau and his fiancee's love bound a part of his spirit to the dagger Brinya's Love.

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