Originally part of Harchist’s Blockade, the second line of strongholds defending Lastwall’s retreating northern border with Belkzen, Redlake Fort (named for a variety of crimson algae that grew within its moat) was abandoned in 4482 ar when the Blockade fell and a new border, the Hordeline, was established farther south. The fall of Redlake Fort was more than just a military defeat, however, for in the face of an orc siege, the human garrison resorted to cannibalism under the influence of their desperate castellan.

Since then, many different orc tribes and other creatures have inhabited the abandoned fort, including the hill giant Grenseldek’s reborn Twisted Heart tribe: a fractious mix of Heart Eater hill giants, Twisted Nail orcs, and an extended family of ogres and ogrekin called the Gorbs, whom the giants and orcs subjugated.

In Episode ?, Troy mispronounced "Fort" as "Fork," and it became a running gag.