A PC created for Episode 100 by Grant Berger.

Bloodrager of Gorum. "My blood boils for Gorum. Every step I take on this earth is a step to another battle to bring glory to our God." Seeks "unimaginable power."

Orfas began life as a Half-Orc in a tribe of full orcs. A second class citizen in Orc society, Orfas dreamed of more. He left to seek power so he could return to his tribe, kill its leader, and take control.

Not much is known about Orfas. He met Lorc on the road and as a fellow follower of Gorum they joined up. Though Lorc thought he found a kindred spirit, Orfas was up front with his true desire being to only seek power and expressed disagreement with Lorc's inner conflict about his past actions and philosophy on leadership.

At the Battle of Shinnerman’s Fortune Orfas was captured along with Lorc and taken to Minderhal's Valley. There he was given a choice to worship Minderhal. Believing he could sweet talk an alliance of Gorum and Minderhal, Orfas was strapped to a table and a hot brand was shoved through his chest, killing him.

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