Gormlaith Kall was a 5th-level female Human witch, played by Matthew Capodicasa. She died in Episode 50 as a result of falling in the Vault of Thorns, after an ultramarine chaser captured her in its jaws and released her. She had a familiar named Howie, a Greensting Scorpion.

History[edit | edit source]

Gormlaith was born in Trunau to a single mother, but somewhere in her adolescence disappeared into the mountains, leading a private life of study and survival.—from Gormlaith's Obituary

Gormlaith was once a young and happy girl in Trunau. She dabbled in the dark arts of witchcraft, but fell in love with a son of a local noble, Kessen Plumb. However when their romance was discovered Kessen denied her and the town turned on her.

She was banished and made her way to the mountains around town. She learned magic and specialized in hexes and hunting artifacts. Occasionally she would sneak into town to cause mischief.

It was during one of these visits that she got caught up in a name day ceremony with the rest of the Trunau four. Joining Barron's investigation into Rodrick's murder she was instrumental in fending off the invasion of Trunau. She was then un-banished officially, however this did not impress her much.

She confronted Kessen Plumb at his home to much satisfaction. Gormlaith fell to her death in the Vault of Thorns fighting an Ultramarine chaser. Shortly after her death Kessen committed suicide. It is believed that Gormlaith got one good last Hex in.

Character Sheets[edit | edit source]

Level 5: https://glasscannonpodcast.tumblr.com/post/144267389877/and-here-she-is-gormlaith-kall-level-5

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