This page references summoned creatures that have appeared in the Glass Cannon Podcast, as well as the characters that summoned them.

Episode Summoned Creature Summoner
22 Gary the Dolphin Gelabrous
22 Gary the Eagle Gelabrous
23 Gerome the German Shepard Gormlaith
32 Dalton the Squid Gelabrous
32 Gary the Dolphin Gelabrous
32 Felicia the Dolphin Gelabrous
34 Swarm of Bats Gormlaith
41 Gladys the Giant Fire Beetle Gormlaith
42 Byron the Poisonous Frog Gormlaith
42 Gary the Dolphin Gelabrous
42 Emmy the Dolphin Gelabrous
55 Gary the Eagle Gelabrous
55 Doug the Eagle Gelabrous
55 Gordon the Eagle Gelabrous
55 Laddy the 3/4 Border Collie,

1/4 German Shepard

69 Airy Connick Jr. the Medium

Air Elemental

Della (critical)
70 Ben Vereen the Wolverine Gelabrous
100 pt. 2 Richard the Rhino Pembroke
100 pt. 3 Pack of wolves Fairaza
128 Peter the Pteranodon Pembroke
128 Flock of Eagles Fairaza
129 Alexander the Hyena Pembroke
130 Swarm of Monkeys Pembroke
139 Larry and Leonard the Lantern


145 George and Ringo the Black


Fairaza (insect spies)
148 Bradley the Bralani Azata Pembroke
156 Heather the Rhino Fairaza
160 Alan the Ankylosaurus Pembroke
165 Alan the Ankylosaurus Pembroke
165 Keith the Lion Pembroke
168 Efrem the Large Ice Elemental Pembroke
169 Winona the Woolly Rhino Pembroke
171 Running Bear Four Bears (Spirit of

the Warrior)

173 Alan the Ankylosaurus Pembroke
173 Bartholomew the Bearded Devil Pembroke
173 Gustav the Manticore Fairaza
175 Mildred the Large Water Elemental Fairaza
179 Jambo the Triceratops Pembroke
183 Clytemnestra the Woolly Rhino Pembroke
184 Jambo the Triceratops Pembroke
185 Alan the Ankylosaurus Pembroke
185 Caroline and Norm the Woolly

Rhinos aka Moo Cows

188 Alan the Ankylosaurus Pembroke
192 Striker, Kim, and Aluminium the


195 2 Fire Elementals, 1 is named


198 Beary Connick Sr. the Dire Bear Pembroke