This page is intended as a reference guide to all the major or notable events that happen in each episode, so DO NOT BROWSE if you haven't listened to them all yet!

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Number Title Location Notable Events
1 Introducing Thomas Exposition Trunau We are introduced to the party at a local celebration, in the town of Trunau, and despite winning the game of tug-of-war, things get off to a shaky start.

The original Trunau Four are introduced: Barron Redheart, Gelabrous Finn, Gormlaith Kall, Lorc Irontusk, as well as NPC Thomas Exposition

2 O Captain! My (Dead) Captain! Trunau In this episode of CSI: Trunau, the party investigate the murder of a local law enforcement officer, and Gelabrous questions the usage of false-bottoms.
3 The Wall of Wolfs Street Trunau The party engage in their first battle.
4 The Neutral Evil Milk Hotel Trunau
5 Sixth Sense Motive
6 Pee-wee's Plague House The Plague House We learn of Gormlaith's salubrious teenaged activities, and what REALLY goes on in the Plague House.
7 Humans, Centipede
8 The Rat Stuff
9 Gleaming the Cube
10 Shut Up, Kid!
11 Four Warnings and a Funeral
12 The Killing Choke
13 Drunkards & Flagons
14 Weekend at Carl's
15 The Belkzen Hostility Orc-hestra
16 The Killing Choke Part II - Choker's Wild One of the party farewells a family member: J'son Irontusk dies.
17 J'son Rise, J'son Set We learn part of Lorc's backstory, and just how uncreative Joe is.
18 Frum Here, Too Infirm Is He Omast Frum proves to be a badass - when he's sober.
19 Fortune Favors the Boulder
20 We're Off to Feed the Lizard
21 Lorc Out Below Lorc's battle prowess is catapulted to new heights.
22 Blame It On the Chain
23 Cavern on the Green
24 No Egrets Gelabrous starts feeling ornithological
25 Assassin Skreed
26 Assassin Skreed 2
27 Skreed Between the Lines
28 Cave of Mutilation
29 Ivory Hall & Oates Trunau The party is given instructions for their next mission by the Council of Defenders, and Gormlaith is fired up by an old flame.
30 Nobody Expects the Thomas Exposition! Chellish Devil The party board the Chellish Devil to head up the River Esk.

Ben Vereen is introduced.

Reginald is introduced.

31 A River Puns Through It Chellish Devil The party meet the crew of the Chellish Devil, and undertake nautical work.
32 Stop, Croc and Roll Chellish Devil Barron goes fishing, Lorc goes swimming, and Gormlaith performs a hair-raising feat.
33 A Dick in the Boat Chellish Devil The party interrogate crew members as possible saboteurs. Intro: Skid
34 Hate the Drake!
35 Drake-ing Bad
36 Gorilla Warfare The party threaten to endanger a rare species.
37 The No Pants Flute Dance
38 Taug of War The party disembark at a way station only to find it under attack.
39 The Immolation Game The party rescue a Knight, and Gelabrous thinks he's never gonna dance again.
40 Down the Hatch
41 Bilge of Spies
42 For He's a Jolly Good Merrow
43 Frankly My Dear, I Just Blew a Dam
44 Rumble Singeskin
45 The Marshin' Chronicles Ghostlight Marsh The party discover that 5 heads are deadlier than 6, as the leave the boat and head inland to Ghostlight Marsh.
46 Marsh Madness Ghostlight Marsh Barron acts unconvincingly, and Lorc loses his head over a crazy dwarf.
47 Circle Jerks Vault of Thorns Barron notes the construction of a pile of corpses, and the party encounter a ghost of druids past, before making their way inside the Vault of Thorns.
48 Honk If You're Thorny Vault of Thorns Barron goes fishing for ideas, then party struggle to overcome some denizens of the Vault of Thorns, but Barron no longer looks very good.
49 Gentlemen Prefer Blinds Vault of Thorns The party are joined by the last living protector of the Vault of Thorns.
50 Flies, You Fools! Vault of Thorns Barron takes a stab in the dark, Ben Vereen takes a tumble, and Gormlaith has trouble with an Ultramarine Chaser.

Gormlaith Kall dies. Ben Vereen dies. Beary Connick Jr. is introduced.

51 The Bear and the Maiden Fair Vault of Thorns The party discover a young girl stuck in a tree.

Della Narn is introduced.

52 Tendril Mercies Vault of Thorns
53 Doom and Bloom Vault of Thorns Beary Connick Jr. is named.
54 Mulch Ado About Nothing Vault of Thorns
55 Ewigga, Please! Vault of Thorns A surprising turn of events leads to a battle with a mighty foe.
56 Elementally, Mud Dear Watson Chellish Devil The party makes their way back to the Chellish Devil, but not before something bears the brunt of a Lorc crit.
57 Pyre When Ready Reginald joins the party.
58 How Della Got Her Groove Back

Lorc runs away from the party, leaving them in peril. Della Narn shows a glimpse of her power. 

Four new neon d20 are introduced.

59 Grate Expectations Gelabrous takes off, Lorc Hulks out, and the party realise that when you ooze, you lose.
60 Silence of the BLAMs The party needs to take down some foes quietly, and the answer is clear as a bell to Gelabrous.
61 Mist Connections The party are shown visions of their past, and learn that fate can be a cruel mistress.
62 General Admission Red Lake Fort Stripped of all of their weapons, the party take an audience with General Kargukk.
63 Bullets Ogre Broadway Red Lake Fort
64 Blix is For Kids Red Lake Fort The party find a temple, and an ally's ancient relative.
65 Isn't It Romanticore Red Lake Fort Gelabrous chats with a pair of Manticores, doing is best to convince them not to eat the party.
66 The Wedding Slashers Red Lake Fort
67 The Wedding Slashers 2: Married to the Sob Red Lake Fort
68 Summon-Where Ogre the Pain-Bow Red Lake Fort
69 Duel Intentions Red Lake Fort It's Lorc v Kargukk one-on-one, in the 'Quake at Red Lake.
70 Gar and Away Red Lake Fort After a visit by an animal of familiar visage, Gelabrous encounters an old foe, before the party leaves Red Lake Fort.

Brandyr casts "Feeble Mind" on Gelabrous.

71 That Was Then, This is Trunau Trunau The party are greeted by a familiar face as they return to Trunau, then they deliver some bad news to the Council of Defenders. They meet with Katrezra. Gelabrous Finn's will is read.

Nestor Coyne is introduced.

Lexington is introduced.

72 Half-Orc Will Travel Trunau Sheriff Redheart and L'il Deputy Della make an already grieving widow feel worse, then recruit a blow-hard halfling and a murderous felon, before the new-look party sets off for the Tomb of Nargrym Steelhand.

Sir Willamet Keswick is introduced.

Nestor Coyne joins the party.

Sir Willamet Keswick and Lexington join the party.

73 Trees Company Matthew is rewarded with a bottlecap for the lamest pun imaginable, and the mounted party springs a trap.
74 Working the Shaft Sir Willimet casts speak with the dead, but may as well have cast speak with a rock.
75 A Tomb with a View
76 Spored to Death
77 Spear and Loathing in Lost Places The party becomes split, threatening the life of a member.
78 Night at the Mausoleum The party go grave-robbing, then extend a hand to Umlo, asking him to join them. Sir Willimet is given a valuable gift. Umlo Nargrymkin joins the party.
79 Ewigga, Please! Part 2 - Witches Be Crazy The party get their revenge on an old foe.
80 Mighty Orphan Power Rangers Umlo commits child endangerment, Lexington struggles with a cat, and the GCP accuse Troy of inventing ridiculous monsters.
81 The Hills Have Eye The party finally become badasses when they encounter a cyclops.
82 Ogre My Dead Body
83 Look Who's Stalking Minderhal's Valley Encounter Leucrottas
84 Heads 'Em Off at the Pass Minderhal's Valley Encounter Ettin, Cave Bear and Rift Drake
85 Let Them Eat Drake Minderhal's Valley Encounter Rift Drake and Veds
86 Interview with the Campfire Minderhal's Valley Find empty campsite, encounter Gristlecrack and Trolls
87 How Do You Like This Chapel? Minderhal's Valley Encounter Chapel dedicated to Fire Giant God
88 Altared States Minderhal's Valley Encounter Chapel dedicated to Fire Giant God
89 Bottle of Red, Bottle of Wight Minderhal's Valley The party share some campfire stories about life before they met, then encounter some undead foes. Encounter scarecrow and Marsh Giant Wights
90 Big Willy Style Minderhal's Valley The party climbs up a cliff, Sir Willimet finally grows up, and Umlo goes digging for loot. Encounter Spire Drake Cave.
91 The Horn Identity
92 Dead Ender's Game
93 Service with a Smilodon
94 Sneaky Blinders
95 Tent of a Woman
96 Tent of a Woman 2: Payback's a Witch
97 Dream Reavers
98 Ettin Down to Business
99 Good Night, and Good Rukh
100 Part 1 Ranger Things We go back in time, and back to Trunau to follow Lorc as he sets off to find a way to remove his curse.

Orfas Norkim is introduced.

Pembroke the Potent is introduced.

100 Part 2 Ranger Things On the way to find the Shoanti, Lorc, Pembroke, and Orfas run into some crimson capped carnage.

Firasa El Sayed is introduced.

Razzmatazz is introduced.

100 Part 3 Ranger Things Shinnerman's Fortune Stopping off in Shinnerman's Fortune, Lorc and his new companions run into some giants, and get off on the wrong foot. Lorc's feet are cut off by (I forget).
101 Spire Walk with Me
102 Spike Drop
103 Groghall Putsch
104 Rock Me on the Dais
105 Slag Film Who saw a THIRD oracle coming?! The party are treated to visions from the past, and are informed of their roles for the near future.
106 Choir You Hitting Yourself?
107 Broom Service
108 You All Meet in a Cavern
109 I Bleed I Can Fly
110 Don't Worry, Be Mappy
111 Buggane Out
112 A Bridge Too Fungfar Sir Willimet lends a hand to an awkward foe.
113 Shadow Lancing Umlo takes a knee while Nestor becomes scared of his own shadow.
114 Bearly Legal The party meet an old friend who unfortunately, is not quite the same as they were before. Beary Connick Jr. is killed.
115 There's Something About Beary
116 Waterhouse-Five
117 The Strife Aquatic
118 Lake Flaccid
119 Booty and the Beast