• Council of Thorns : A circle of druids who sacrificed themselves to protect the Ghostlight Marshes from the orc invasion of the area

The Council of Thorns was a druidic circle that operated in what became the Hold of Belkzen. When the orcs poured forth into the region the Council fought against the destruction caused but steadily lost ground and were eventually pushed into the Ghostlight Marshes. In a final act of defiance the Council performed a powerful ritual that consumed the lives of those who remained. From their remains rose the ghostly wisps that would give the region it's name. In their resurrected form the druids continued their fight and made the Marsh a place avoided by orcs and humans alike.

As the years have passed, even in their new forms the druids have fallen one by one until only Mossmoon currently remains of those who took part in the ritual. Beyond him, the last living member of the Council is Silvermane, an ancient elf who has taken the protection of the Hopespring in Trunau as his mission.

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