• Calrianne Blix - (Female) - Knight of Ozem and commander of their waystation along the Kestrel River

Standing over six feet tall with a powerful build, Calrianne Blix is both a capable warrior and commander of the Knights of Ozem outpost on the Kestrel River. First encountered by the party when the riverboat they were traveling on stopped to deliver supplies. Finding the outpost under attack the party freed Calrianne after slaying the orcs.

Calrianne's family has a long history of service to Lastwall. Her ancestor Fabian Blix served as the cleric of Redlake Fort prior to it's fall. Though he died during the final seige, one of his sons (Calrianne's great-grandfather) was able to escpe via a hidden sewer tunnel. Calrianne related this information to the party with a map that pinpointed the sewer's location.