Barron Ashpeak, née Redheart, is a 9th level gunslinger-inquisitor. We are introduced to Barron Redheart in episode one of the Glass Cannon Podcast, "Introducing Thomas Exposition." Barron enters the show as a first level Dwarf Gunslinger. His Texan accent is provided by Grant Berger, and he is played by Daniel Day Lewis (and eventually Daniel Craig after Daniel Day Lewis's retirement from acting).

History Edit

In the custom of the Ashpeak family Barron was left on the lip of a dormant Volcano with a gun under his infant form. He was stolen by a pair of Dwarves from the Redheart clan who stole him and the gun. The Redhearts wanted the gun, but couldn't bring themselves to abandon Barron and raised him as their own. The Redhearts were killed in an Orc raid and Barron has harbored resentment toward's Orcs ever since. This caused friction between him and Lorc at the beginning, but they grew to respect each other.

Barron helps investigate the murder of Captain Roderick and defend the city of Trunau. After successfully defending the city, and handling the situation at Red Lake Fort, he is awarded the title Sheriff of Trunau (Episode 30). After they meet Ingrahild Nargrymkin outside of the Vault of Thorns and heal her broken mind, he begins to develop feeling for her as time goes on.

He learns that he was adopted into the Redheart family from the Oracle, Katrezra, after reaching Redlake Fort (or Fork depending on who you ask).

When they save Umlo Nargrymkin, he says he is happy to have other dwarves around. After the fight in the tomb of Nargrym Steelhand and Ingrahild, he clings to his faith in Torag, so he won't lose hope. This eventually leads to him taking a level in Inquisitor of Torag.

As they explore Minderhal's Valley, they come across a series of cave drawings that lead Barron to believe that he is actually from the Ashpeak clan of dwarves.

Of the original four party members, Barron is the only one who remains.

Barron wields a pair of pistols: a masterwork double-barreled pistol of his own design and a magical dragon-bane pistol he found in the tomb of Nargrim Steelhand, which belonged to an Ashpeak ancestor. He also carries the giant-bane heavy crossbow found in the wyvryn's hoard in Minderhal's Valley.

Character Sheets Edit

Level 9: