the stone giants of the Mindspin Mountains believe that the giant god Minderhal used his hammer, Agrimmosh, to forge the first giant. This creation was imperfect, so he crafted another and granted it life, creating the first stone giant. Pleased with what he had now wrought, Minderhal pulverized his first creation with a final blow of the Hammer of Unmaking, and its pieces became all of the other races of giants that came to populate the world.

Wielded by Hero Chieftain Uskroth of the Twisted Heart tribe until his death, this stone warhammer bearing the symbol of Minderhal has significant magical ability. Years after being buried with the Chieftain it was rediscovered in his tomb beneath the Hopespring in Trunau (formerly Bloodmarch Hill). The weapon is sought after by the current chief of the Twisted Heart, Grenseldek

To date it has displayed the following abilities :

- Resizes to fit it's owner
- +2 Impact Warhammer
- Once per day as a full-round action, the wielder of Agrimmosh can use the hammer to cast heightened enlarge person (Fortitude DC 23 negates). This effect lasts for 20 minutes.
- Whenever the wielder of Agrimmosh confirms a critical hit against a creature of the humanoid type, the target creature must succeed at a DC 23 Fortitude save or shrink by one size category, as by heightened reduce person. This effect lasts for 20 minutes.